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Are you equipped for IDDSI?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Chefs love a good gadget.

Let’s get it out there…

You do not need lots of equipment to be able to prepare IDDSI Framework food.

You need the right equipment!!!

IDDSI Level 3 Liquidised Diet and IDDSI Level 4 Purée Diet

You need a blender. But which one?

Hand stick blender

Robot Coupe Blixer 2


I’m sure you will all have your preferences. The right piece of kit is needed for the job.

A hand stick blender will blend from 1 to 3 portions.

The Thermomix can blend from 3 to 8 portions but will need to scrape the sides down – to ensure no lumps – this is the Critical: Appearance Test on an IDDSI Level 4 audit.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 2 will blend from 4 to 10 portions. The lid will spin to scrape the sides down for you – to ensure no lumps, again ensuring it passes the first Critical Test.

IDDSI Level 5 Minced and Moist Diet and IDDSI Level 6 Soft and Bite-sized Diet

You will need a sharp knife and chopping board. You should not be using the blenders to achieve level 5 as it will blend too far, nearly a purée.

This is not very dignified for the person with dysphagia and can de-skill them in their ability to minimally chew.

For IDDSI Levels 3,4,5 and 6

A coarse and fine sieve is needed. Make sure there are no bits or skins!

A potato ricer is great to ensure there are no lumps in the creamed potato. We don’t like those lumps, eh?!

Pastry cutters, piping bags and nozzles are a must.

PressDome vacuum seal cloches cover the food and keep it hot. These come highly recommended.

PressDome Vacuum Seal Cloche

Cling film mustn’t be used as it causes condensation and introduces separate thin liquid back into the meal. This is another of the IDDSI Critical Appearance Tests. Other cloches simply cover, rather than prevent your lovingly prepared meal developing the skin forming and drying out in the hot cupboard. Probably causing another IDDSI audit fail!

Also, think about your plates, dishes and serving glasses to enhance your food. We eat with our senses first!

And that’s Dysphagia Dining Done Right.

Author: Gary Brailsford

Neither Gary nor Dysphagia Kitchen has any affiliation with the manufacturers of equipment recommended.


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