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Wow. This is a game changer!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

It’s 29 degrees C outside as I write this. Imagine being nil by mouth in this weather.

I wrote this blog last year and was reminded of it as the parents of a young woman who has been nil by mouth for months told me last week that they wanted her to try it. It was a BIG FAT YES from me.

This blog was first posted in August 2020 on Speech Therapy Works.

I worked with a man, who hadn’t had a taste of tea IN OVER A YEAR

Until now. 

If anyone knows how many people are living ‘nil by mouth’ (NBM) because of profound dysphagia in the UK, please share because so many of them could benefit from this.  Are you one of them?  Are you a speech and language therapist, who knows people who would love to taste drinks again?

Many people with dysphagia, despite therapy, are either at too much risk of choking or pneumonia on liquids or do not like thickener in their drinks, that they remain NBM. 

Imagine watching everyone else around the table drink and you can’t.  Imagine having such a dry mouth you can’t move your tongue.  Imagine wanting to raise a glass and toast the bride and groom at your daughter’s wedding but you can’t join in taking a sip of champagne. Imagine never tasting anything nice again. Toothpaste, if you’re lucky.

Some people choose to take the risk of drinking, others cannot. Either because they do not have the mental capacity to choose for themselves or the risk is simply too high physically. Sometimes the Frazier Free Water Protocol is an option. But not for everyone. And it’s water only.

People with dysphagia often want to drink before they can eat. This is because their mouths feel so awful. 

And it can also benefit people being cared for at the end of their life. 

This innovation is a game-changer for many. You could even take it down the pub. Well, the man who enjoyed the tea last week is enjoying red wine next week! See how to help someone with dysphagia savour flavour again. You’ll massively improve their quality of life.

All in one place, here’s my what’s great about this product:

  1. It helps people enjoy the tastes of their favourite drinks again with very little risk (swallow assessment recommended)

  2. It helps people’s mouths feel better 

  3. It helps to moisten the mouth so some therapies are easier to carry out, for example, the Masako

  4. It can form part of sensory assessment and therapy

  5. It provides relief and enjoyment for people at the end of their lives, who have no appetite but may enjoy the taste

  6. It works with any drink – including alcohol (when appropriate)

  7. It’s relatively easy to carry around and can be taken out of the home 

  8. It means someone with dysphagia can enjoy the taste of drinks whilst others drink

  9. It’s good value

  10. The powder is suitable for vegans and is free from gluten and lactose

Check out the video, let me know what you think!

(I have no affiliation with the company. I just think the product is ace.)


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